When it comes to your invitations
maybe you feel like Goldilocks - you can’t find anything that’s just right, and you honestly don’t even know where to start.
That’s where we come in.

OO Paper Co was designed exactly for you.
After working with dozens of custom stationery clients, creating beautiful, one of a kind suites, we felt that there was a gap in the market for brides who didn’t fit into the mold of generic, predesigned wedding invitations, but craved a simpler process (and lower price point) than fully custom wedding invitations.

OO Paper Co allows you to benefit from our years of experience designing custom invitations. We’ve condensed that information down into the essentials. We get to know you, and we take that knowledge and create a personalized invitation using our library of art (and a lot less time than you think!). We’ve put together all the resources you need to take it at your own pace, but you’re never on your own. We give you just as much as you need - if you want an invitation suite that’s got the works, we can treat you like a queen, but if you just want something small, and quick, we got you covered!

get started now!


The first step is a 15 minute phone call, so we can get to know you, and get the information we need to create a personalized quote.

On the call, we’ll discuss your wedding style, what you’re hoping for in your invitations, and give advice on what printing methods and cards to select based on your needs and budget.

Once we’ve chatted, we’ll send over a customized proposal for you.


After you’ve accepted the quote, the fun begins! We start every project with an online quiz, to help you determine your wedding style. We also provide resources to help guide you through writing your invitation wording.


Once we have your style and wording, we’ll send over a digital proof of your invitation. If you’re not in love, we’re happy to make changes - two rounds of revisions are included, and there is always the option to add on more for a small fee.


Once your invitation is approved, we’ll send to print, and ship your invitations directly to your door!


HI, I’M ALISON! I started my stationery business because wedding stationery combines some of my favorite things - art, beautiful printing processes, and celebrations! I think love should always be celebrated, and my goal is that when your guests open your invitations, they will be almost as excited about your wedding as you are!

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General Pricing

One Piece Suite

Invitation card
Printed envelope
starts at $685
for 100

Two Piece Suite

Invitation card
Printed outer envelope
Reply card with printed envelope
starts at $915
for 100

Three Piece Suite

Invitation card
Printed outer envelope
Reply card with printed envelope
Additional card
starts at $1015
for 100

Four Piece Suite

Invitation card
Printed outer envelope
Reply card with printed envelope
2 additional cards
starts at $1150
for 100

If this isn’t exactly what you had in mind, consider visiting One + Only Paper to learn more about our bespoke stationery services.


What printing services do you offer?

We offer flat printing, letterpress, foil press, and any combination of those three. We also offer variable data printing, and white ink flat printing.

Do you print in house?

No! Printing is a complicated art form best left to the professionals, and we have a select group of trusted vendors that we use.

I don’t need printing, do you offer digital files?

Unfortunately at this time, we do not.

I want to put the wedding logo you made for me on everything! Can you send me the file?

We definitely can! We charge a file preparation and rights fee of $35 for each instance you need it (so, if you want to put it on cocktail napkins and koozies, that would be $70), and we can also have many personalized items printed for you!

I just want to buy wedding day stationery from you - can I do so?

At this time, we only offer wedding day stationery to our wedding invitation clients.

I just want to buy my save the dates from you - can I do that?

Yes, definitely!

I really want a specific illustration that’s not available in your library - now what?

We’re happy to add on any custom illustrations you want, for an additional fee.

Can I see your whole illustration library?

We are happy to share the illustration library with any current OOPAPERCO client.

What if I don’t like the design you made for me?

This is a common fear, and a rare occurrence - our process is designed with enough communication that our designers will have a strong sense of your style before they even get started designing. Furthermore, some changes are common in the design process - if you want to change a color or a font, or swap out an illustration, that’s why we have two revision cycles! If you completely hate the whole design, we’ll be happy to hop on the phone and chat about why that is, so we can nail it on the second try.

When is the best time to order?

We recommend reaching out about 6 months before your wedding. The entire process from start to finish takes about 6 weeks, depending on our current production load, so it’s always best to reach out sooner rather than later.

How is this different from a completely custom wedding invitation?

Custom wedding invitations are made completely from scratch. Each illustration is created especially for the client, and often special papers and colors are pulled from a variety of sources in order to get the look. Custom stationers will often work closely with their clients for months to create their invitations. OOPAPERCO has standardized some of these processes, and created an illustration library in order to streamline the design process, cut down on costs, and give an experience still catered to you, for a fraction of the time and price.